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Acetobacter 250ml


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Quick description

Type of bacteria: Nitrogen fixing bacteria
Type of material: Liquid
Bacterial Strain: Acetobacteraceti, Acetobacterdiazotropics
Benefits of Acetobacter
1) It helps to implement sustainable nutrient supply system
2) It is capable to fix inert nitrogen in roots, stems and leaves of sugarcane plant
3) Promote root proliferation and increase root density and branching resulting in increased uptake of mineral and water which promotes cane growth and sugar recovery from the cane
Seed Treatment:
Take 5ml/ 1 kg seed make paste in 5ml water and coat seeds just before sowing
Seedling/sets treatment: Make slurry of 1 lt in 10 ltr, water dip the roots of seedling and sugarcane sets before transplantation
Nursery treatment: 500 ml in 50 ltr water and spread over 400 m2 nursery bed mix well with soil
Soil treatment: Mix 1 L in 75 Kg farm yard manure broadcast over 1 acre and mix in soil
Drip treatment: Mix 1 L in 200 L water and released in slowly in drip irrigation
Effective for crops: Sugarcane,Turmeric, Ginger, Floriculture and horticulture.