Pratik India

Time Line



Vasantlal Shah and Shantilal shah, two brother from remote town of Gujarat laid foundation of V M SHAH company in 1960 by starting with supply of oil cakes in Sangli district. They were true pioneers and a visionary, whose association with the Agro industry industry spanned over 5 decades. Ever since they set up trading house in 1952, they continued working tirelessly to bring the V M Shah into its leading position in the Agro industry. V.M.Shah was rewarded first Zuari dealer of western Maharashtra due to his wide experience in the Agro industry over the years. Vasantlal Shah represented various important Fertilizer bodies in India. He was the President of the Fertilizer association for western Maharashtra during 1970-1975 period.


During this period the company ventured into Seed industry, providing different rare varieties of seed. Dedication , hard work and straightforwardness lead the V M Shah to enter into distributorship of prominent seed companies like Mahyco, Bejo, Mahabeej, Ankur, Monsanto, Kaveri and many others. During acute shortage of urea during 1975-1976 VM SHAH was sole supplier of it in western Maharashtra. VM shah also indigenously developed a Product “Bail Chhap Sugrass” a cattle feed mineral mixture which was widely adopted in cattle feed industry.


After venture into seed, fertilizer and cattle feed industry. Nigam shah along with Rajesh shah and Jatin shah laid foundation for Pratik Industries. Industry was pioneer in introducing Micro nutrient fertilizer in the western Maharashtra market. A 20000 sqft area was equipped with latest technology Machinery and formulation unit to cater the farmers requirement.


A well equipped laboratory for soil, water , leaf analysis was established with broad image of Integrated nutrient management requirement in near future. It helped famers across Maharashtra to determine deficient minerals in soil and helped them to develop farm under Pratik agro consultancy