Pratik India

Attract Sticker

Ingredients: non ionic wetting agent


1) Non ionic sticker cum spreader helps to increase effeciency of the active ingredient of the formulation

2) Increases surface tension on the leaf or any other part of the plants which helps to get productive results from formulation

3) It can be used with formulated fungicides, pesticides, micronutrients etc especially in rainy season

Recommendation: 1.5 ml/ l of water for spray

Available Packing: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

Auyr +

Advantages :-

  • It is useful for control of sucking pests.
  • Increases resistance of crop.
  • Crop remains free from stress.
  • Helpful for organic as well as residue free farming

Available Packaging Size :- 250ml, 500ml and 1lit.

Application Dose :-

  • For Spray- 2-3.0ml per lit. of water Useful for all crops

Calrich Liquid 1L

Enriched with liquid Sulphur affects cation exchange capacity (CEC) and helps to increase nutrient supply efficiency
Helps in protecting the plant against biotic and abiotic stress – calcium improves stomata function and participates in induction of heat shock proteins.
Active ingredients helps to improve the end quality of cane, fruit, berries, rhizomes, tubers
It helps to stimulate metabolites, enzymes for normal functioning of photosynthesis

Recommendations :

For drip application : 2L/acre/month for annual crops

For seasonal Crops: 1L once in 15 days

Available Packaging Size :- 1L & 5L


Advantages :-

  • It is aliquid formulation of Calcium.
  • Reduces fruit cracking.
  • Enhances the cell division and growth of plant.
  • Increases fruit setting and size.
  • Improves elasticity and luster of fruit.

Available Packaging Size :- 500ml and 1lit.

Application Dose :-

  • For Spray- 2-3.0ml per lit. of water
  • For Drip- 1lit. per Acre Useful for all crops

Grand Amino

Advantages :-

  • Promotes good and healthy growth of plants.
  • Accelerates uptake of plant nutrients.
  • Influences flowering and fruit settings.
  • Helpful for better quality produce.

Available Packaging Size :- 100gm, 250gm and 500gm

Application Dose :-

  • For Spray – 1-2gm per lit. of water
  • For Drip – 500gm per Acre Useful for all crops

Grand P Humic Acid 500gm

Ingredients: Super Potassium Humate (80% Humic, 10% Potash, 10% Fulvic acid)


1) 100% water soluble powder based on leonardite which contains good quality of humus

2) It helps to increase and sproutness of white roots in rhizosphere which increase nutrient uptake efficiency

3) It is used to strengthen spreading of white roots

Drip & drenching Application: 500gm/200l/acre

Grand P Silicon 99%

Ingredients: collidal silicon


1)Silicon seems to benefit certain plants when they are under stress.

2)It has been found to improve drought tolerance and delay wilting in certain crops where irrigation is withheld and may enhance the plant?s ability to resist micronutrient and other metal toxicities

3)Silicon has been found to help increase stem strength.

Recommendation: Foliar Application: 15gm/100L of neutral water

Drip & Drenching Application: Dissolve 45gms of P Silicon in 300 L of neutral water and apply during fertigation and drenchning

Soil application: 200gms / acre