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P- Rhizobium 500gm


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Type of bacteria: Symbiotic Nitrogen fixing bacteria
Type of material: Powder
Bacterial Strain: Rhizobium japonicum
1) Symbiotic relationship implies a signal exchange between rhizobia and legume
2) Roots of host legume plant secretes flavonoids recognized by rhizobia and later on it secretes nod factors recognized by plant causing root hair deformation and cellular processes such as ion flux
3) Bacteria penetrate between cells through crack produce by lateral emergence and intercellular infection
4) Infection triggers cell division in root cortex where a nodule appears as a result of successive processes
5) Infects central tissue and release rhizobia in cells where they differentiate morphologically into bacteroids and fix nitrogen
Seed Treatment:
Take 5g/ 1 kg seed make paste in a litre water and coat seeds just before sowing
Seedling/sets treatment: Make slurry of 1 Kg in 10 ltr, water dip the roots of seedling
Nursery treatment: 500g in 50 ltr water and spread over 400 m2 nursery bed mix well with soil
Effective for crops: Soyabean, Groundnut, Moong, Chickpeas Pulses & lentils