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Royal Calbor +


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Quick description

Product Details:-

  • It contains calcium and boron designed for soil as well as foliar applications.
  • The calcium (Ca) and boron (B) content in this product is immediately available and accessible to the plant.
  • It is very quickly absorbed and assimilated by the plant, thereby ensuring optimum calcium (Ca) and boron (B) levels within the plant.
  • Royal Calbor + also plays a most important and vital role during some very critical growth stages, such as flower bud, flower development and growth, pollination, fruit development and fruit growth.

Packaging Sizes :- 100gm/ 250gm /500gm / 1kg – 5kg

Application Dose:-

  • For Spray-0.5gm-1gm per litre
  • For Drip Application- 250-500gm per Acre