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Composition: Nisarg Super Enriched by Potassium Humate (90% humic, 8% Potash, 2% fulvic)
Type of material: Uniform Powder passing through 7mm sieve
A. Easily Soluble Humic Acid helps to increase white roots and increase uptake of NPK from Soil
B. NO extra application of humic acid which saves additional cost
Method and time of Application: Few days prior to sowing or at sowing time, in case of horticultural crops before bahar pruning, at time of top dressing
Dosage: 200-400 kg/acre
Available Packaging:  1 Kg, 5 kg HDPE bags
Crops: For All Crops (such as Sugarcane, Grapes, Banana, Pomegranate, Soyabean, Strawberries, Floriculture, legumes, dal, Wheat)