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Training programs

Training of small scale to large scale farming practices

Farmer field schools, farmers club, group of enthusiastic farmers always get ready to learn more innovative things. Innovation comes from a combination of the theoretical knowledge and practical experience Application of innovations are always done for the improvement in the farm practices in order to increase profit with less loss of ecology and health cost Efficiency is very important in terms nutrient, energy, pest management. We do train farmers with the latest information so that farmers can be aware new methods to improve farm and production Participative approach are used to know each other’s practice and improve with very low outside penetration so that farmers can boost their confidence

Training of self-sufficient farming practices

Increase in cost of production has not only reduced the reduced the profit from the farming business but also increase the risk of failure in crop production Traning of self-sufficient farming practices helps farmer to manage their own by using their own natural resources surrounding their farm by method of integrated natural resource management Management will help them to understand the value of each natural resource and how it can be beneficial in their own farm either for pest, weed management or nutrient to their own farm. While there is a possibility to have a source of energy from natural resources and animal husbandry We will also teach them how they can utilize the resources efficiently. Sustainable farming practices can go easily into self-sufficient farming practices

Training of compost production and organic fertilizer application

Compost is one of the best organic fertilizer applicable to any type of farms. Production of compost out of the farmyard manure which is basically dumped of all organic materials in deep pith Training the farmers for compost production will help them to make their fertilizer by themselves using all other biomaterials next to their surroundings We will provide enough training to farmers to increase the efficiency of the organic fertilizer applied to their farm so it can be beneficial in crop production

Training of improvement in rural and agricultural livelihoods and water management

Nutrient and water management models we can develop a strategy to have efficient nutrient and water management at the regional level. We provide farmers with enough training regarding the nutrient, water flow, where and when different intercropping can be done Animal husbandry, Poultry management can help farmers to have the second source of income and provide enough nutrients to their farm. We provide proper guidelines to improve management so it can increase income source Sericulture, permaculture, aquaculture, silviculture, agroforestry are a different culture that can be used in the rural society we provide guidelines to have which type of secondary occupation related to agriculture Guidelines to gain carbon credit by using their alternative practices for the farming