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Economics of your farm

Are you doing enough to gain enough profits from your farming business?, We can help you to understand real farm economics of your whole farming business Economic models developed by us will help any farmer small scale to large scale to trace or track their investments in inputs and see the effect of that inputs into the farm Efficiency is very important to run long-term farming business, economic measures government schemes can all build in the model We do have enough expertise and critics to do regional level economic assessment of the agriculture fields, this can be helpful how effective the government agricultural policy

Carbon & Water footprint

One of climate change agenda reduction in carbon emissions and water usage in the farm by appropriate technology measures We offer Carbon and Water footprinting of agriculture products by using tool known as Cool Farm Tool and also other tools as per ISO14044/67, PAS 2050 and water footprinting network standards These models are new greenhouse gas and water usage calculator in the farming. We provide unique services looking at grass root level of the farm Our assessment can help you to get certified from any UN accredited carbon measurement company and help you to gain carbon credits if possible

NPK dynamics of your fields to get appropriate yields

Appropriate nutrients models are developed as per soil conditions of the farm, We provide models which can run on their own PC The daily update of the data will help you to understand growth and development of the plant. Hence the consultancy will help you to monitor proper nutrient management in the farm Our service will help appropriate fertigation or fertilizer application in the farm which will sustainable to the farm and increase the production of the crop

Regional level agriculture performance towards sustainability: Integrated natural resource management, self-sustainable farming

“Region where agrarian distress as a major problem. Crop yields have been stagnant in the last decade and coupled with increased input costs, this has led to reduced incomes and increase the debts which have created region agrarian distress. There is an urgent need to study options to improve the sustainability of farming systems and adopt a strategy to stabilize agriculture and socioeconomic status in the village at any state which is less dependent on external inputs. As a response to the agrarian crisis, both national, as well as state governments, introduced measures like loan waivers, subsidies and policies favouring sustainable agricultural practices including organic farming. To evaluate this policy and execution of this policy and project further scenarios we do provide all these services taking into all social and economic conditions of the region “