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Greening your future

Landscapes at your own industry

Environmental and pollution control body will definitely ask you to cultivate few numbers of trees then why not use proper landscapes Our consultancy group provides finest landscapes which bring not only greenies in the industry but also beautification of the industry Landscapes will be done looking beneficial aspects from the whole land under the tree cultivation. Proper intercropping between horticulture trees, floriculture, silviculture within the industry will make the industry the most efficient use of the land. This will also consider the use of wastage material or recycle of the raw material used in the factory and integrated natural resource management within the surrounding of the factory

Landscapes and home garden by using your recycle bio-waste

Increasing pollution in the city and ever-increasing usage of pesticides in food items especially in daily vegetables have brought awareness to develop their home garden We provide do provide consultancy to produce daily vegetable for whole years so people can eat healthy foods and bring some greenness in their own home Utilising minimum space in balcony or in kitchen window garden and using your own kitchen waste, is speciality of our consultancy We do provide consultancy on terrace garden, community garden which has not only ecology value, growing healthy vegetables but also socializing among the community Presence of finest architecture specialized in landscapes within our group helps to design efficient and more beautiful gardens and landscapes in any real estate, bungalows, society, colony

Town planning, greening the city: Community garden

Compost is one of the best organic fertilizer applicable to any type of farms. Production of compost out of the farmyard manure which is basically dumped of all organic materials in deep pith Training the farmers for compost production will help them to make their fertilizer by themselves using all other biomaterials next to their surroundings We will provide enough training to farmers to increase the efficiency of the organic fertilizer applied to their farm so it can be beneficial in crop production

Training of improvement in rural and agricultural livelihoods and water management

Greening, the city is a local concept used everywhere in the world. The city which recycles the most wastage into beneficial fertilizer can solve the problem city wastage City wastage have to lead to toxicity in surrounding, pollution, occurrence and spread of diseases everywhere in the city, now recycle this waste into fertilizer Our consultancy will provide with outstanding plan to develop the community garden, town beautification extensively with different garden designs (Japanese, Moghul garden, botanical garden) within the city Compost project development is one of expertise we do have within our group.