Decades of experience in retail of chemical formulation and application. He is a designer an expert of chemical formulation manufacturing process. He has direct contact with a innovative farmers which help us to understand proper efficiency usage of agro chemical inputs on crops.



Who We are

Pratik Industries and Laboratories is Indian - based Multinational Corporation engaged in development and manufacturing of variety of state -of -the art speciality agriculture chemical, nutrients and fertiliser. Acclaimed and Renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solution, Pratik Industries was founded in 1991 under private ownership at Sangli, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Pratik with its wide range of product, that include Organic fertiliser, Secondary fertiliser, Micronutrients, Soil conditioners, Bio- fertilisers, Speciality chemicals, Industrial chemicals, Plant growth promoters and wide range of water soluble fertilisers, touches and enriches the lives of farmers across India.

Decade of experience have helped Pratik to expertise in its product by adopting latest manufacturing methods. Most importantly, our each processed product passes through strict quality standards maintained by our fully equipped in-house laboratory.With an objective of improve agricultural productivity, Pratik Industries can formulate and blend specially developed product to meet your specifictask.

Our Mission

Pratik industries are here to initiate a change & make a difference in Indian agro industry. Our dream is to not only manufacture product of global quality , but also meet & exceed the expectations of customers worldwide , with outstanding after sales support.


  • Pratik Industries was Established in 1991 with production capacity of 10 mt/day having sales revenue of around 50000 USD / year .

  • With 24 years , the revenue scaled up to 2 Million USD/ year and capacity have increased 10 time to 100 tons/day and additional developed wide range of products in areas of Biofertilizer, Mix Micronutrient and Secondary fertilizer, Organic and water soluble fertilizer. Liquid production facility have been increased to 1500 litres/day for liquid speciality chemicals and 500 litres/day for biofetilizers.

  • We were pioneer in western Maharashtra and Northern Karnatka to introduce micronutrients fertilizer.

  • Decades of Experience and persistent quality assurance , company has been able to developed a strong Goodwill and Brand in our area.

  • Pratik Industries has achieved its Global Footprint in USA, Tanzania, Mozambique and China, further expansion going on.

  • Developed a well equipped laboratory for soil, water, leaf , stem bud, Microbial, deoiled / oiled cakes , fertilizer. One of biggest lab setup in western Maharashtra and recognized department of agriculture, Maharashtra.

  • Pratik Industries is an independent private company with no foreign involvement either financially or intellectually. All intellectually property is wholly created and owned by us.